Michigan State University Website specifically designed
for the MSU retiree

Welcome to StraightLine’s Michigan State University Retirees Information Website

This site is designed to help YOU, the MSU retiree, get answers. You may wonder about changes to the MSU retirement plans or be looking for pre- and post- retirement planning assistance. Our mission is to assist you in finding the post-retirement information that you need and want. We want to ensure that you have a good understanding of the best ways to maximize the benefits available to you through the MSU retirement plans.

About StraightLine

While our contract with MSU expired in 2016 we are still able to work directly with anyone who desires our assistance. Often times we are confused with TIAA or Fidelity, but the truth is we were hired to provide unbiased professional assistance without the fear of product sales - we are only here to make sure you receive the most appropriate, accurate advice. StraightLine currently works with employees and retirees at over 150 organizations nationwide.

We have the ability to help you with the following tasks:

  • Analyze your current investment portfolios to make sure you are in the most appropriate risk-adjusted allocation.
  • Ensure that your holdings within the Michigan State University 403(b) and 457 are where they should be relative to your goals.
  • Help you analyze any insurance programs as to their benefit to your family. In the past few years insurance salespeople have been selling insurance plans as substitutes for secure investment strategies. Insurance programs are expensive and often times not the right program.
  • Benchmark your account performance so you can accurately assess your financial advisor as to their performance vs. their peers and the markets.
  • Ensure that the current advice you are receiving is appropriate and cost effective.

StraightLine can provide independent, research-based, third party investment advice and management regarding investments in your 403(b) Base Retirement, 403(b) Supplemental Retirement and 457(b) Deferred Compensation accounts. StraightLine can talk to you about your individual long-term retirement and investment goals and help you select the best available investment options to meet those goals. The advisory service is an optional employee-paid benefit. You can get started right away by contacting StraightLine directly using the links below.

When may I select this service?

The services that StraightLine offers are available for selection at anytime of the year. Contact StraightLine directly to set up an appointment, or receive additional information upon enrollment.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your retirement.

Call Toll Free: 877.EDU.403b (877.338.4032)

Send an Email: info@straightline.com